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Dear HMCA members and friends:

Elena del Valle - President of Hispanic Marketing & Communication Association

Elena del Valle,
President HMCA

Dear HMCA members and friends:

As you may have noticed from the website, this has been a busy year for HMCA. We have many new members and have co-sponsored a number of exciting events across the country.  As part of these joint efforts we continue to offer HMCA members a 10-15 percent discount on the price of admission for the events.  Visit the home and event pages on our website for a list of upcoming events.  We continue to offer one complimentary admission (worth usually between $1,000 and $2,000 or more) to each event to a lucky HMCA member.    

Board member Christine Clavijo-Kish stepped down due to time commitments as CEO of LatinClips, she will continue supporting our efforts in an advisory capacity.  Thank you Cristy! This summer Dallas resident Jeimmy Cesar, a student at  Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, Virginia, participated in an HMCA internship.  She joined us for our board meetings and worked with board member Suzanne on several issues including this issue of the newsletter. Jeimmy saved the day since our newsletter editor Lourdes de la Torriente had to step down due to client commitments for her new company. Thank you Jeimmy and Suzanne!

At the same time, two new board members joined us Sylvia Nieto Vidal, managing partner of operations at Multicultural Insights and Richard Velez director of strategic services for MASS Promotions.  Since they joined the board both have been active. Sylvia has spearheaded a national survey the results of which we hope to share with you soon. Richard recently volunteered to assist us as event liaison.

We recently set aside time to discuss HMCA goals for the future. Our top three priorities for the short term are: 1. continuing to offer members event opportunities and discounts by partnering with organizers and improving our follow up for the events. 2. Finalizing and distributing the results of the national survey we began earlier this year. 3. Strengthening our newsletter and email communication with members and finding a new volunteer editor. If any of you is interested and available, please email us at hmca@hmca.org. Long term goals include identifying sources of funding, strengthening our membership outreach and retention efforts and expanding our strategic alliances.

The Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations book which benefits HMCA is in the final stages of production and should be available soon.  A companion website was launched in April. For author biographies and book updates, visit the book’s companion website at www.HispanicMPR.com.


Elena del Valle

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Check out our new Job Bank section. Ads must list an employment opportunity or employment search related to Hispanic marketing or related fields. The information must be submitted in electronic format (MS Word or PDF document), and be a maximum of 50 words in length. Ads will be posted in the job bank section of our website for three months. Each Ad has a fee of $40 for HMCA members and $50 for HMCA friends (non members). The payment should be made online or via check made payable to HMCA and mailed to P.O. Box 56 5891, Miami, FL 33256-5891.

Volunteer Wanted - HMCA is looking for a website and Internet savvy volunteer to help us maintain and grow our HMCA website. If you would like to become involved with a dynamic, challenging and growth oriented nonprofit professional association dedicated to Hispanic marketing excellence, we would love to hear from you at hmca@hmca.org.


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We look forward to seeing you at our Upcoming Events. If you are interested in becoming active at an organizational level, sponsoring or speaking at one of our events please don't hesitate to contact us at (305) 648-2848 or e-mail us at hmca@hmca.org.